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Uherčice - chateau

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address: Zámek 1, 67107 Uherčice
phone No.: (+420) 515 298 396
GPS: 48°54'51.67"N 15°37'59.85"E
436m above sea level
Uherčice source: Czech Tourists Club - Picture atlas
Uherčice source: Czech Tourists Club - Picture atlas
source: Czech Tourists Club - Picture atlas
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Description: This Renaissance castle was built in place of a Gothic stronghold in the 16th century. After the World War II the large building became somehow dilapidated and is now being reconstructed – the tour shows the progress of reconstruction works. The castle is surrounded by a former Baroque garden and a large sylvan park.
Categories: chateau
Certificates and membershipsTourist stamp
National cultural monument
Style composition: baroque (20%), classicism / empirical (10%), Renaissance (70%)
Services: sale of cycling and tourist maps of region, sale of novelties and souvenirs, scheduled worships, snacks, WC, weddings and other celebrations
Related personalities:
Site grounds: 117368 m2
More information available at Wikipedia:
First year open to the public:1996

Tours / exhibitions

Description:Entrance arcade and part of the main arcade, chateau chapel, rooms of the representational quarters including the baroque chamber theatre, banquet room – in various stages of reconstruction and restoration work. Temporary allusive installations primarily consisting of original furnishings.
Open to public:
Languages:tour guide (Czech)
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Oprava zámku This comment is written in language: Czech Schoffer 27.05.2009 18:42
Je pěkné že zámek opravují z našich daní ale měl by to zaplatit devastator ktery zámek užíval a památkáři z vlastního kteří nepokutovali vlastníka ktery je povinen ze zákona pečovat o památku a památkáři z prodražování a zdržování oprav kdyby vše bylo podle nich tak ruin bude neustále přibívat a to kvuli... more

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