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Kladnatá - Grapy - natural heritage area

upozorněníIn connection with a government order, it is possible that the building has interrupted or limited providing services. Find out about the current situation with the operator.
address: Horní Bečva
GPS: 49°25'46.95"N 18°21'14.3"E
891m above sea level

Description: There are waterlogged spruce forests with a diverse mosaic of different habitats - boulder slopes with rock outcrops, bogs and springs.
Categories: natural sight
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The nearest place for swimming
Hotel Duo
3 km

Hotel Duo

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Horní Bečva

Hotel Cherry
3 km

Hotel Cherry

Russian skittles, playground, sauna for the public, saline cave

Horní Bečva

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1 km

restaurant, cafeteria, bar

Horní Bečva

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